Remote teamwork: how we approach it at Alty

9 min readApr 28, 2020

Alty is an IT service company that develops high-load mobile and web applications. We create efficient solutions that can handle any traffic volumes. Our core projects are banking and fintech applications. The most popular and awarded apps, which were developed and/or designed by Alty, are Monobank mobile app, Privat24 app for business, and

These days we were forced to rebuild our processes, so we’re starting to share some insights we obtained since going fully remote.

This article is a summary of what the Alty team has tried and learned during the first full month of working 100% remotely. I’ll walk you through the tools and practices that our team uses to boost productivity and keep morale level high.

Though there has been definitely written a ton of articles like this, I still think this one can provide value for readers. Most of the described instruments and tricks are known for long already, and they weren’t invented by me or some other people from Alty. It’s the other way around, but we still like the artists and try different variations of old recipes. So let’s dig in and break down our approach to see how we made the remote setup work for us.

Give yourself a Slack (pun intended)

Some companies have gone to great lengths trying to solve their team communication issues. And all this was just to find out that Slack — the instrument they trusted and put their hopes on— just doesn’t work for them. These struggles are colorfully depicted in a great article by Dave Teare from AgileBeats company (now known as 1Password).

At Alty, we still believe that Slack can serve us well. Of course, we needed to fine-tune the way we use it to fit the remote reality. This article in PSPDFKit blog provides a great piece of advice on how to establish and maintain proper Slack hygiene.

What we recommend to try:

  • declutter your Slack sidebar. Tweak your settings and make the sidebar to show only starred channels and chats. And if you’ll ever need to drop a message to some un-starred chat…

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