App Clip is a light version of an app that quickly performs specific tasks without downloading or installing the application itself.

How the user can launch App Clip:

In addition to the usual launching methods, App Clips can be associated with geolocation and location cards in Apple Maps. …

This article tells the story of the award-winning design and development company Alty. After a desperate and fruitless search of the solution for our business, we decided that we’ll do the work ourselves and build the product we need. Here’s how it turned out.

Being a service company, Alty has always found accurate work hours logging to be paramount. Not only it facilitates customer billing, but it also has a lot of other perks. …

Frankly speaking, you won’t have a good process if you don’t have retro practice. How can you build a close-knit team who knows what they do and why they do it if they have no time to stop at the moment and focus on it?

We all know that the main aims of retro are to analyze past sprints and make a “to do” plan based on good/bad/need improvement. This is just the tip of the opportunities iceberg. Let’s talk about interesting details with which you can refine your retro:

Always say the goal of the sprint

First, after welcoming…

When you are developing any fintech application, security will be the essential thing you will have to take care of, especially when working on mobile banking apps. Users expect financial institutions’ responsibility because they often entrust them with everything they have. And to build that trust, it is essential to keep users’ data and money safe.

Of course, there are many security standards and audits the app needs to pass in the banking sector before it can be delivered to users. And it is better to be prepared for those kinds of tests. …

The previous article concentrated on team collaboration at Alty. This time, I’ll explore the things I use for my personal productivity.

Throughout the past few years, I’ve been trying dozens of things in the search of the ways to be more productive at work and maintain a healthy work-life balance. The remote environment granted me a lot of time to experiment in this field. I was able to test a number of things and now I’m uncovering what’s proven to work for me.

Staying Safe

Alty is an IT service company that develops high-load mobile and web applications. We create efficient solutions that can handle any traffic volumes. Our core projects are banking and fintech applications. The most popular and awarded apps, which were developed and/or designed by Alty, are Monobank mobile app, Privat24 app for business, and

These days we were forced to rebuild our processes, so we’re starting to share some insights we obtained since going fully remote.

This article is a summary of what the Alty team has tried and learned during the first full month of working 100% remotely. …

Alty Inc.

We create custom functional applications for big companies.

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